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The 'Western Idler' interviewed on ABC's 'Collectors' Print E-mail
Written by Bryan Reid   
Saturday, 11 July 2009 22:13
John Byrne, the "Western Idler" of our newsletter The Southern Johnsonian, and a foundation member of the JSA, appreared in a segment of the ABC series "Collectors" on Friday July 10, displaying his large and comprehensive collection of works by Johnson and his circle. Click on this link to see a copy of the segment.
Convivial JSA dinner marks Tercentenary Print E-mail
Written by Bryan Reid   
Tuesday, 30 June 2009 05:29

The JSA celebrated the Johnson Tercentenary in typically convivial fashion at a dinner on Friday, May 15, at the Montague Hotel in South Melbourne, where President John Wiltshire welcomed 19 guests.

Before, during and after the dinner, a number of celebrated eminences on the Johnsonian landscape were honoured by readings from The Life and other sources. John Wiltshire read the letter to Chesterfield, surely one of literary history’s greatest “come-uppances”, Barrie Sheppard entertained us with a reading of Soames Jenyns verse epitaph written at the death of Johnson; and Boswell's reply, Bronwen Hickman chose extracts from Fanny Burney’s diaries recording the acrimonious and one-sided argument by Johnson with Mr Pepys, while Bryan Reid read Boswell’s description of his meeting with Johnson in Tom Davies’ parlour.

The AGM and 2008 Fleeman Lecture Print E-mail
Written by Bryan Reid   
Monday, 19 January 2009 22:07

The Annual General Meeting of the JSA on October 4, was the first to be held following the incorporation of the Society.  The committee and office bearers, constituted according to the incorporation rules, were unanimously elected:

President: John Wiltshire

Vice-President: Clive Probyn

Treasurer: Barrie Sheppard

Secretary: Barbara Niven

Committee: Bryan Reid, Bronwen Hickman.

The two other members of the pre-incorporation committee, Denis Le Neuf and Paul Tankard, have been asked to become ex-officio members.

JSA web site has moved to a new home Print E-mail
Written by Sam Reid   
Monday, 29 June 2009 09:30

After a number of extended outages this year the JSA web site has now been moved to a much more reliable hosting service.

The JSA has maintained an online presence for more than 11 years, originally as part of Bryan Reid's personal Ozemail webspace (where the newsletter archives are still located), then hosted for free on the web servers of a number of generous organisations including Australian web analytics software company Aimstats.

The Making of Dr Johnson Print E-mail
Written by Bryan Reid   
Monday, 19 January 2009 22:03

JSA President John Wiltshire’s latest book, The Making of Dr Johnson, to be published during the Johnson Tercentenary next year, tells the story of how Samuel Johnson became known as  “Dr Johnson”, a quickly recognisable figure, famous for “talking for victory”. It is one of a series called “Icons of Modern Culture” published by Helm Information.

Several members of the Society, including the Western Idler and Dr Paul Tankard, have helped to make the book an important record of the history of the great man.

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